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Bere Alston Primary School, Station Road, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 7AU

Telephone: 01822 840410 |


We have 40 members of staff at our school:

Head of School

Mrs Katy Rooke-Bruce

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Lead – Miss Melloney Slater

Key Stage 2 Lead – Mrs Natasha Scamp

Foundation Unit:

Miss Melloney Slater

Robin Class

Year 1:

Miss Rebecca Moore

Sparrow Class

Year 2:

Miss Annabel Snell

Kingfisher Class

Year 3:

Mrs Julie Warren / Mrs Vicky Milburn

Starling Class

Year 4:

Miss Tara Stevens

Jay Class

Year 5:

Mrs Natasha Scamp

Magpie Class

Year 6:

Mrs Natalie Anderson

Kestrel Class


Mrs Maggie Peacock

Mrs Marianne Shirlow

Administration Assistant:
Mrs Gemma Griffiths

Mrs Shelley Abbott
Mrs Tanya Argue
Mrs Natasha Ayres
Mrs Claire Davis
Mrs Diane Daymond
Miss Christa Eick
Mrs Sophie Follett
Mrs Dilly Hanson
Ms Melodie Harvey
Mrs Natasha Hingston
Mrs Emma James
Mrs Tracey Jeans
Mrs Pauline Kingwell
Mrs Jane Page
Mrs Johanna Watson
Miss Sarah Weston

Mrs Ester Arnold

Mrs Julia Clayton
Ms Anya Cole

Mrs Claire Davis

Mrs Melodie Harvey

Mrs Jane Page

Mrs Aniko Szabo Mackman

Miss Danielle Wyatt


Mrs Yvonne Howard

Kitchen Manager:

Mrs Mel Perkin

Kitchen Assistant:

Mrs Amy Hosking


Mrs Liz Dawson