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How do I access a Google Meet?

We are planning to do regular video meetings with the class using Google Meet. Teachers will use the Stream section of the Classroom page to tell you when.

Just before the time for a Meet a link will appear on the page header and you click it - that is it!

This link will disappear after the Meet until just before the next one.


Google Meet is secure and can't be invaded by people not in the class. The teacher has control over the members and can mute children or evict them from the meeting. The first meet will cover expectations of behaviour and turn taking and this is a format all of us will need to learn to use during remote learning.


Eye Spy the Meet Link

Holding the mouse or hovering over the meet link or the little camera icon will take you into the meeting, via a little "check my camera and mic" box - just hit the join button when you get there and you'll go on into the meeting.


Any problems, please contact