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How do I ask for help?

Help with learning.

Email your class teacher on the usual class email address. Bear in mind that they may be in school teaching a class so the response may not be immediate, but your teacher will try to get to you as quickly as possible.


Help with IT issues.

Please don't feel overwhelmed by the technology. Key Stage 2 children are familiar with Google Classrooms and have been using it since September. They'll probably whip your device out of your hand and just get on with it. Please feel free to take back control and check the quality of the work they produce laugh.

Key Stage 1 children will be keen but won't have seen this before so we would expect parents to lead them on their journey into remote learning. You are not in this alone. Please don't feel that if the technology fails, it is your fault. Mrs Pike is used to supporting people who struggle with technology, both young and old. As she frequently tells the children "There isn't anything you can do on that computer that I can't rescue you from."


Overall, this is a tricky time and what is important is that the children feel supported and safe. 


If you have any issues with the technology or are worried about the lack of devices/internet access in your household, please contact Mrs Pike on