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Jays - Yr 4 - Miss T Stevens

Due to conversion to the new website, home learning has not been transferred for June but is available on request.  Thank you for your understanding.

Blue Planet Week Activities!


Welcome to Blue Planet Week.
(18.5.20 – 22.5.20)
There are three different activity sheets full of ideas for this week’s work.
These can be found on the KS2 afternoon activity page!

Here are the suggested afternoon activities for this week:

Home Learning for W/C 11.05.20

Home learning for Monday 11.05.20

Home learning for Tuesday 12.05.20

Home Learning for Wednesday 13.05.20

Home Learning for Thursday 14.05.20

Home Learning for Friday 15.05.20

Home learning for W/C 04.05.20

Home learning for Monday 04.05.20

Home Learning for Tuesday 05.05.20

Home learning for Wednesday 06.05.20

Home learning for Thursday 07.05.20

Home learning for Friday 01.05.20

Home Learning for 30.04.20

Home learning for Wednesday 29.04.20

Home learning for Tuesday 28.04.20

Home Learning for Monday 27.04.20

Home Learning for Friday 24.04.20

Home learning for Thursday 23.04.20

Home Learning for Wednesday 22.04.20

Home Learning for Tuesday 21.04.20

Home Learning for Monday 20.04.20

Home learning for Friday 17.04.20

Home learning for Thursday 16.04.20

Home learning for Wednesday 15.04.20

Home Learning for Tuesday 14.04.20

I just wanted to share with you Joe Wicks’ daily workout. I did this with my son this morning, and I know some of you are already joining in.

He does a 20 minute workout every morning for school children (and mums and dads). We really enjoyed it.

Home Learning for Tuesday 24.03.20:

Here is today’s learning.

Thank you for all the work I have received so far, it’s great to see so many children making such a great start to their home learning.

Jays (Year 4) – Tara Stevens – 2019-2020

Year 4 have started their Tavy 13 training, bravely led by Mrs Argue.
We have been exploring and classifying materials into states of matter, and thinking about the properties of each.
In science we investigated how sound travelled and how distance and direction affects this.
In maths we looked at time, and estimated how many claps, skips and shoe laces we could do in one minute, we then tested it out to see how accurate we were.
On Friday Jays completed their hot air balloons. We have spend several weeks designing and making these, and I think you’ll agree they look great!