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Robins - Foundation Unit - Miss Slater

Robins (Foundation) – Melloney Slater – 2020-2021

Home Learning for children self-isolating

How to use BUG CLUB

A quick video to explain the key features of Bug Club.

We are now using Google Classroom for our remote learning, this includes daily live lessons. Please see the link below for details of how to access this.


This short phonics video shows how to pronounce the sounds/phonemes used in the English language, in the order in which we teach them in school. Please see the timings below to find the relevant sections for phase 2, phase 3 and phase 5.
0-34 seconds – Introduction
35 seconds – 1 minute 10 seconds – Phase 2
1 minute 11 seconds – 2 minutes 14 seconds – Phase 3
2 minutes 14 seconds – 2 minutes 52 seconds – Phase 5
2 minutes 52 seconds – 3 minutes 18 seconds – Phase 5 alternative pronunciations

Merry Christmas!

Still image for this video
We have learnt a song and recorded singing it on Christmas Jumper Day - we hope you like it!!

Forest School (Autumn 2) Our 'Stick'-y Learning! We had a visit from Stick Man then went on a hunt to find his friends and family. Can you find our 'Grandpa Stick' in the photos below? We played at Stick Man's 'family tree' and made some more stick friends. We've used a peeler to whittle sticks and have made 'jingle sticks' for Christmas!

Forest School - We have enjoyed listening to the story Leaf Man. Miss Slater said he was hiding somewhere at school so we predicted where he might be, then went on a Leaf Man hunt! He was hiding up in the tree! We kicked crunchy leaves, made our own leaf people and even made Leaf Man a leaf sandwich to enjoy.

Forest School (autumn term 1) - 'Leaves' and gardening