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Any problems with logging into any of these three, please contact

Remote Learning At Bere Alston Primary 

Once again, we find ourselves in a remote learning situation. From Monday 11th January, the school will be using Google Classroom to deliver remote learning and not putting work up on the website under the Year Group pages as we did before.


The reasons and timeline for this are in the email sent out on Tuesday 5th January. This is a new situation for staff, students and parents and I am sure that together we can move the children’s learning forward this term, rather than just hold on until we are all allowed back in school.


Each child has an account set up and we would ask you to monitor your child logging in or do it for them. As the children get further up the school and as we all start to become more used to the platform, we will be moving towards the children maintaining their own account and password but for the moment we would like you to do this with them. If your child is in Key stage 1/ Foundation then we would expect that you would access their remote learning for them through Google Classroom, using the login and password provided in the emails you have been sent.

If you have any trouble with the technology or are worried about the lack of devices or broadband/internet access please email 

Accessing Google Classroom depends on the device you are using. Ipads, tablets, phones, Macbooks and Chromebooks will need an app. 


Instructions on how to access Google classroom via an app (for ipads, tablets and phones) can be found here . We would also recommend you download the apps Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Docs and Google Slides.

Icons for the apps you need so you can recognise them in the app store:

If you have a Chromebook, you will also need an app and the instructions as to how to do it are best viewed in this Youtube clip .


If you have a PC/Laptop, you need to open the Chrome internet browser and type into the address bar at the top (you don't need www.)


Further details and instructions on what to do once you've logged in can be found on the "How do I access work" page, the link for which is below.


If you have any problems or concerns, please contact Mrs Pike on

 Click here to access the school's AR reader page.

Most children using this know their login. It is usually their initial and the first four letters of their surname. So Fred Bloggs is fblog .Password is abc

Click here access the school's Times Tables Rockstars.

Make sure your child selects Bere Alston Primary. Their login is like the Google one but without the number at the front - so Fred Bloggs is fredb . The password is 123

This is our new spelling support site from Ed Shed

The log in is the front string of their Google classroom login (everything before the @ symbol) with a password of bapa1234