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How do I access work?

How to access work.

Open the app (available free in Apple or Google Play) or go to on the Chrome browser.


If you are using the Chrome browser and haven't logged in to Google Classroom before it will look like this:

OR like this:


tap the sign in button (circled purple above) and then the Google Classroom button (in purple in the picture below:


Hit the sign in button and it will generate this login screen. Sign in using your child's login ending with There will be an example of your child's log in on your child's Class Dojo story.

Don't panic if you see this page, with a Microsoft heading

Click on your class ( you should only see one and you won't need to "join" a class as described in some Google Help pages). You will see Stream, Classwork, People across the top.

Stream is a place to post requests for help, questions about the work etc.

Classwork is where you go to see the work set for the day. Click on the piece of work you want to look at/work on.

Any problems, please contact staff through Class Dojo.